The AmpleSense DAO Officially Launches With the kGeyser Challenge

  • The AmpleSense DAO is an independent organization focused on proactively expanding the ecosystem of products, services and solutions around Ample and the elastic finance economy.
  • The DAO has developed KiloAmple (kMPL), which has a maximum supply of 50,000 tokens. kMPL tokens will be used by community members to vote on proposals for projects and initiatives to be funded by the DAO, and provide holders with other benefits, such as token rewards.
  • 93% of the kMPL token supply will be distributed to the community via the DAO’s liquidity mining programs: Zeus and Apollo (and the DAO’s Treasury). Zeus and Apollo will be launched after the community works together to unlock four Achievements in the kGeyser Challenge. kMPL in the DAO’s Treasury will be used to fund ecosystem development, marketing and other activities.
  • The DAO has received notification from the Ampleforth Foundation that it will be unveiling a decentralization roadmap for the Ample token.
About kMPL: A Multi-Purpose Crypto Asset
  • Governance: kMPL holders will be able to shape the DAO’s activities by voting on proposals for projects and initiatives requesting funding or support.
  • Air Drops: Voting kMPL holders will receive exclusive air drops of tokens from projects the DAO funds (if the project has a token).
  • Finance: The DAO plans to develop “elastic vaults” that provide depositors with the opportunity to earn from various yield farming and liquidity mining programs featuring Ample and other DeFi assets. kMPL holders will earn fees from elastic vaults.
  • Token Rewards: Wherever possible, projects the DAO initiates itself will include opportunities for kMPL holders to earn token rewards in exchange for providing services, such as additional governance.
  • Spread the word by retweeting or liking the kGeyser Challenge announcement tweet (click here to view)
  • Join the Community Hub (Community members will receive early email notification of the Zeus kGeyser’s launch)
  • Generate community points by joining and participating in the the DAO’s Community Hub
  • Earn the Educated Amplifier Badge, which will require community members to read the Ampleforth Redbook, the DAO’s governance documentation, and pass a brief quiz.



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