kGeyser liquidity mining programs have been relaunched and are now live

1 min readDec 6, 2020

Due to technical issues, discussed at length (here), we’ve relaunched the kGeyser liquidity programs after doing a token swap (here). The token swap rewarded the community with an additional 1,000 kMPL in the distribution process.

The liquidity mining programs are now back on as well! More information on the announcement is available here:

The liquidity mining program will continue the popular Rebase bonus incentive: every positive Ampleforth rebase the community is rewarded with 0.5% kMPL and this bonus is increased to 1% for a negative rebase event.

Additionally, the AmpleSense team has commissioned custom art NFTs which will be distributed to early kMPL stakers. NFT holders (along with being owners of limited edition artwork) will be rewarded through a framework we will disclose shortly. This program is in appreciation of the extremely supportive community. Hope you all are as excited about the NFTs as we are!

The two kGeysers are:

  1. Zeus: AMPL/ETH (5x rewards in 14 days)
  2. Apollo: kMPL/ETH (3x rewards in 30 days)

For more information and resources:




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