Introducing the Pioneer Fund: A Community Rewards Program

Today we are pleased to announce the AmpleSense DAO’s Pioneer Fund.

The Fund’s goal is to deliver token rewards to community members helping to power our mission by providing liquidity, participating in governance and engaging in other activities. (The DAO’s mission is to expand the ecosystem of solutions around Ampleforth and the elastic finance economy.)

The Pioneer Fund features two vaults that will deliver rewards to people who stake:

- kGeyser Pioneer NFTs: These limited-edition (only 200 will be minted), custom-designed NFTs will be airdropped to a random selection of early Zeus and Apollo kGeyser liquidity program participants. Holders can stake these NFTs into the Pioneer Fund I vault to receive rewards

-kMPL Tokens: Pioneer Fund II will be similar to governance vaults developed by other DAOs (such as Yearn Finance). kMPL holders will be able to stake their tokens in exchange for rewards from fees generated from DAO-powered applications, airdrops, etc.

Read up about the Pioneer Fund and how you can get a kGeyser Pioneer NFT here:

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