Introducing the AmpleSense DAO!

  • Communication: Ampleforth, the first elastic finance asset, has a very simple design, but its impacts are complex and difficult for the average cryptocurrency investor and user to understand. There is a need for sustained, clear and engaging communication about the protocol that helps to educate, inform and grow the community.
  • Utility: The core Ampleforth developers have been working to create deep liquidity for the token across decentralized and centralized exchanges. This liquidity is necessary for use cases such as lending, borrowing and trading to occur, but it is only the first step.

What Are the Goals of the AmpleSense DAO?

The AmpleSense DAO: Initial Roadmap

Initial Roadmap
  • DAO Founding: The DAO’s initial leadership consists of the following community members (identified here by their Telegram handles: @davoice321, @FudBuster, @CryptoCav and @SolomonSollarsNSense). This group has been working on the DAO’s roadmap, structure, digital assets, and engaging with the Ampleforth core development team around the DAO’s mission and initial activities.
  • DAO Treasury Seeding Event: The DAO will have a Treasury which will be used to fund DAO activities and third-party products and services developed for the Ampleforth community.
  • Vision Votes 2020: Vision Votes will be the DAO’s first major activity. With input from the community, we will concentrate on key areas of focus for the DAO during Q3 to Q4 2020. The voting process will be two-phased:
  • Round I RFPs: Based on the results of the Vision Votes 2020 process, the DAO will issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from the community around initial DAO priorities. These proposals will be voted on by the community and DAO leadership using the two-stage process followed for Vision Votes 2020 (outlined above).
  • Round I Projects Launch: Launch of selected projects.
  • ASDAO Report: The DAO will issue its first report to the community outlining initial activities, successes, proposed future plans and other topics
  • Vision Votes H1 2021 and Project Launches: Community and DAO vote on priorities and Round II projects.

How Can I Participate in the AmpleSense DAO?

There are a few ways to participate in the AmpleSense DAO:

  • Spread the word: Please share news about the DAO on Twitter and other channels
  • Stay tuned: We’ll have an update on the DAO Treasury seeding event and DAO-issued tokens, and how to become a member of the DAO soon

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A global community focused on improving understanding and adoption of AmpleForth, the pioneer of elastic money.