• Valéri Natanelov

    Valéri Natanelov

    PhD, Entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of growAbric. #Blockchain #ICO advisor & #Crypto investor // CMSO LocalCoinSwap.com

  • Nano Byte

    Nano Byte

  • MaMaD


  • Paulo H. Rodrigues

    Paulo H. Rodrigues


  • Grant Lenaarts

    Grant Lenaarts

    Distributed technology http://multilateralgroup.com

  • Erick Pinos

    Erick Pinos

    Americas Ecosystem Lead @ Ontology // President @ Blockchain Education Network // MIT ‘17

  • Jack McDermott

    Jack McDermott

  • 0xStorm


    A cryptocurrency addict since 2019, 0xStorm has been immersing himself in industry ever since and lives and breathes crypto now.

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