Elastic Vault EEFI Rewards Simulation Tool

  • AMPL in the elastic vault
  • EEFI/ETH liquidity tokens (from Balancer v2)
  • The DAO’s governance token, kMPL (stakers will receive an initial airdrop of EEFI tokens prior to the elastic vault’s launch)
  • kMPL/ETH Uniswap v2 liquidity tokens

Introducing the EEFI Rewards Simulator

To help the community prepare for the elastic vault, we have developed a rewards simulation tool. Use this tool to:

  • Input your stake amount: Input the amount of AMPL, EEFI/ETH LP tokens, kMPL or kMPL/ETH LP tokens you plan to deposit
  • Estimate community vault activity: Your rewards will depend on how many other community members are staking. The tool will help you input assumptions about how much AMPL has been staked in the elastic vault and other staking activity by the community
  • Estimate Ampleforth’s monthly rebase status: Vault rewards and EEFI mint/burns depend on Ampleforth’s rebase status (positive, neutral, negative). Use the tool to estimate the number and type of Ampleforth rebases per month and their impact on EEFI rewards.
  • View reward estimates: The tool will auto-calculate your estimated EEFI rewards based on various types of activities (such as staking AMPL or depositing kMPL into Pioneer Fund II)

How to Access and Use the Simulator



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