Announcing the Elastic Finance 101 Twitter Competition! Win a 500 AMPL Prize.

The AmpleSense DAO Twitter competition, with a 500 AMPL prize, is designed to build awareness on Elastic Finance (EeFi). Here is how to participate in three easy steps:

  1. Write an educational tweet about Elastic Finance:
    Create a Twitter post that educates on Elastic Finance and is less than 260 characters, but there’s a catch. All posts MUST include words that begin with the letters E, E, F, and I, such as elastic, even, finance, etc..
    Here is an example (EEFI capitalized):
    Elastic Finance assets all rebase, however, it is Important to realize that not all of them rebase Evenly.”
    Brush up on elastic finance basics by reading our recent article in The Defiant (click here). We suggest capitalizing the letters EEFI in your post to make sure they are easily seen.
  2. RT the challenge post: link
    Quote RT the challenge tweet with your educational post from step 1. Add the following hashtags: #EeFi and #AmpleSense
  3. Follow our socials: twitter
    Contest participants who are not following the @AmpleSense twitter account will not be eligible for the prize. You’re also encouraged to join our other socials

Duration of the competition:
The challenge will run for a 3 day period (72 hours), starting at 8:00 PM UTC (3:00 PM EST) on Friday, 22nd of January.

Selecting Eligible Contest Entries and Randomly Selecting the Winner
One eligible entry will be randomly selected as winner.
To be eligible all entries MUST include the criteria outlined in the steps above. Two community members and two AmpleSense DAO founders will select eligible entries. A live recorded =Rand function will be used to pick the winner from all eligible entries.

The judges are:
TMod_Marco Presearch/Quora/Uniswap Governance Admin
Jeremy GuzmanMass Adoption LLC
SolomonAmpleSense DAO
DaVoiceAmpleSense DAO

Hosted by: KavAmpleSense DAO

The award is 500 AMPL tokens.

The winner will be contacted within 24 hours of the end of the competition. Three attempts will be made to contact the winner (over three separate days). If the winner fails to respond with their wallet ID, the 500 AMPL prize will be given to the 2nd place winner.

About AmpleSense DAO:
The AmpleSense DAO is an independent community-powered organization focused on expanding the elastic finance (EEFI) ecosystem. You can learn more about our work at




A global community focused on improving understanding and adoption of AmpleForth, the pioneer of elastic money.

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A global community focused on improving understanding and adoption of AmpleForth, the pioneer of elastic money.

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