The elastic vault will generate EEFI token rewards for AMPL stakers, incentivize
active participation in the Ampleforth protocol, and can be integrated into DeFi applications in the future.

EEFI Overview

EEFI Overview

In 2019, the Ampleforth protocol was launched and led to profound changes in the DeFi landscape. Significantly, the innovation AMPL’s…

AMA with the AmpleSense Team (9/25/2020)

The AmpleSense founding team held an AMA which led to a very invigorating discussion. The AMA was hosted on the Ampleforth Community discord channel and was moderated by BlockEnthusiast (Thank you!). All four members of the founding team were present.

To read a full…

We are pleased to introduce the AmpleSense Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

In just a matter of weeks, the Ampleforth project has experienced significant growth. As the community has grown, it has begun to experience some unique challenges:

  • Communication: Ampleforth, the first elastic finance asset, has a very simple design, but…


A global community focused on improving understanding and adoption of AmpleForth, the pioneer of elastic money.

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